M P Landis: these past few years


M P Landis, 21.32, 2021, mixed media on canvas construct, 22 x 28”  

these past few years

"downward spirals, desecrated flags, masked faces, broken necks - i have no coherent words for any of this, i’ll let the work clumsily speak for me."


AMP: Art Market Provincetown

432 Commercial Street

Provincetown MA 02657 U.S.A. 

with Jay Critchley: Democracy of the Land and Lori Swartz: Garden of Ideas

May 28 - June 23 2021

Opening: Friday, May 28 (4-6 masked people at a time)

Observing Pandemic Safety Protocols

Hours: noon - 6pm (closed Tue), Fri & Sat noon - 9pm

Debbie Nadolney, Gallery Director, Curator



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